This project will produce research which has significant impact. The first set of stakeholders that are set to benefit from the research are individual journalists, citizen journalists and news-workers who will benefit from a clear and definitive set of ethical parameters upon which to conduct their journalistic practice. This will enable both professional and amateur journalists to produce journalism which endeavours to reflect the highest ethical standards within the contemporary media ecology.

The second group to benefit from the research will be the various industry regulators and public bodies who will receive specific recommendations, based upon the substantive research findings. These stakeholders will be those who have a particular interest in monitoring press ethics and representing the wider public in the development of their own guidelines and recommendations.

The third group of stakeholders will be those groups campaigning on a platform of freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom of the press, who will benefit from a rich and detailed account of the optimum conditions for freedom of the press.

The fourth group of people who will directly benefit from our research findings, are those groups and organisations which exist to protect the interests of minorities in the UK, and who have at times been the target of some of the traditional press. Such organisation will provide a gateway to wide-ranging sets of beneficiaries, which will make direct contributions to the establishment of inclusive and non-discriminatory press ethics that best ensure a free and ethical press for all.

The fifth and final group to benefit from this research are the wider general public, as meaningful information concerning quality journalism, and a journalism that better serves all members of the public, is sparse. Through the capacity building workshops, the project website, MOOC, exhibition, and circulation of the project’s report and recommendations, members of the public will become empowered to recognise, understand and employ a more meaningful set of ethical parameters which are intended to inform their news consumption.

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